You are Here – Installation

KrePí festival 2020, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Is it possible to experience something like „moment of a presence“? Or are we always dragged down by our future, prejudices, build-up experience from the past and future plans? Is there a possibility of a different experience of time during which we’re only looking and perceiving, in-between hectic production of meaning of reality and resignation on the ability to perceive? And do you think you see what I see?

Installation is based on dance performance created by director Petra Tejnorová, dancers and performers Jaro Viňarský, Tereza Ondrová and Nathan Jardin, set designer Adriana Černá, sound designer Dominik Žižka, light designer Tomáš Morávek, production Michal Šomoš. 

Performances YOU ARE HERE (YAH) were transferring viewers’ attention – he was a centre of the “circle” even though he wasn’t sitting in the centre. Installation YAH is describing performance through space-light-sound and time. There are no dancers, so there is no interaction happening between viewer and dancer inside the circle. Viewer’s attention, which is directed from his surroundings towards himself is multiplied in this installation. It’s as it would validate the rule that the more is missing the more creative viewers’ own presence is. 

In the reaction with current situation, YAH in the version of the installation, is transforming the ideas of presence, theatre and even theatrical situation and live installation itself. It opens up questions relating to the live art for people, with people, together…

Installation YAH does not create just another product by deliberately recycling the eponymous performance – by taking out “something” from the original space it is advancing the idea of live encounter into the new dimensions, new meanings and connotations and all of this is happening only by the slight shift of the glance. 

What do you see?

A room, an open space, there are chairs standing in the circle in the middle of it, they are spaced in the way that the viewer can enter and sit down. There are speakers placed on the outside of the circle. In the middle of the circle, there is a cylinder made out of plexiglass, hanging in the height of two meters, jar of water and glasses under it. Music from the show is playing, voice speaking, sound track…

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