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SOFT SPOT is an experimental physical performance born out of cooperation between dancers Martina Hajdyla, Soňa Ferienčíková and choreographer Adrienn Hód. Through improvisation and a research of the physical body, they explored the relationship between body, personality and meaning. What do we perceive when we look at the human body? What does the face, the gesture, the posture, the movement tell us? How do we communicate through the body with others? SOFT SPOT plays with the blurring of human qualities, asks what defines us as humans, and looks for a hidden, sensitive “soft spot” in ourselves.

Choreography: Adrienn Hód 

Created and performed by: Martina Hajdyla, Soňa Ferienčíková

Music: Ábris Gryllus 

Dramaturgy: Ármin Szabó-Székely

Movement cooperation: Márcio Kerber Canabarro 

Visual cooperation: Mária Júdová 

Costumes: Lucia Škandíková 

Light design: Tomáš Morávek 

Photo: Vojta Brtnický


CLIMAX is an allegory of the earth and climate change.

A piece of the series ›The Case of Man‹

»Is climax the peak?
heavy sighs and sweaty bodies?
And what will happen after that?
or just death?«

Creation: Miroslav Kochanek, Tegest Pecht-Guido, Alec de Bruyn, Tomáš Morávek, Adeline Rüss, earthsound: Lotte Geeven

Photo: Alex Wunsch 


The first edition of our Prague Quiet Music Festival introduced five premieres played by the Prague Quiet Music Collective and two guests: Fredrik Rasten on guitars and Miroslav Beinhauer playing the unique sixth-tone harmonium. Gentle compositions from around the world were performed in the enchanting environment of the Czech Museum of Music, which was transformed by a plant installation by Hænke, light design by Tomáš Morávek into an oasis of slowly flowing contemplative music for one December evening. Through a confluence of circumstances, weeds became the theme of the evening, connecting the plant design with the music (literally, in some cases). New pieces by: Eva-Maria Houben (DE), Linda Catlin Smith (CA), James Weeks (UK), Fredrik Rasten (NO) a Ian Mikyska (CZ).

Photo: Karel Šuster


Photo: Karel Šuster
Photo: Tomáš Morávek

Sixth – Tone Harmonium Concert

Alois Hába: Six pieces for sixth-tone harmonium, op. 37
Ian Mikyska: In

Miroslav Beinhauer 
Sixth – Tone Harmonium

Excuse me!

Photo: Vojta Brtnický
Photo: Vojta Brtnický
Photo: Anna Benháková
Photo: Vojta Brtnický
Photo: Vojta Brtnický

Accelerated time. Nobody has time to wait. From time to time everybody has to involuntarily stop. But omnipresent stress and rush forces us to keep running. Just because you’re standing still, doesn’t mean you’re not in a hurry. Whatever stops us, it awakes strong emotions.

Endless waiting and acute stress as an impulse for negative manifestation of the human act. The production brings feedback of ourselves, our expressions, reactions and defense mechanisms to cope with stressful situations. 

The production mirrors this acute problem of our society with a dose of ease and humor.

Choreography: SPOLK

Music: Ondřej Galuška

Light and Stage design: Tomáš Morávek

Costumes: Mariana Novotná


The tragedy of Greek playwright Sophocles retells the old fable of the viciousness of the man who unknowingly kills his father and marries his own mother, thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Oracle of Delphi. It is a story of a king who must establish order, even at the price of his self-destruction.

Translation: Matyáš Havrda, Petr Borkovec
Text editor: Nina JacquesIlona, Ilona SmejkalováJan, Jan Frič
Stage director: Jan Frič
Dramaturgy: Nina JacquesIlona, Ilona Smejkalová
Sets: Dragan Stojčevski
Costumes: Kateřina Štefková
Music: Jakub Kudláč
Lighting design: Tomáš Morávek
Choreography: Marek Zelinka


Official photos: Jan Hromádko

Speech to the Nation is a book comprising over 40 of Celestini’s short essays, which also served as the basis of the author’s own theatre performance. The stage director Petra Tejnorová’s production of the same name will be a variation on the book’s theme.

The Italian writer, dramatist, director and actor Ascanio Celestini (b. 1972) has been ranked among the followers of the trend represented by the famous versatile artist Dario Fo. A representative of narrative theatre, toying with the language, words and their meanings, his witty, provocative, often moving and stirring texts hone in on the contemporary world, its antagonisms and invisible nooks – be they social inequality, child labour, the impending environmental disaster or corruption in government. 

Translation Tereza Sieglová
Adaptation Petra Tejnorová / Jan Tošovský / Ian Mikyska
Stage director Petra Tejnorová
Dramaturgy Jan Tošovský
Sets Dragan Stojčevski
Costumes Adriana Černá
Music Ian Mikyska
Video – technical cooperation Dominik Žižka / Erik Bartoš
Light design Tomáš Morávek
Interactive design Aleš Zemene


In its exposition, THE TOUCH OF THE OPEN plays with the relation between the performer and the audience members / participants as a metaphor for the potential unity of body and mind. It attempts to convey the urgency of reintegration by uniting both sides of the performance into a shared experience.

 „the touch of the open“ is a phrase I use as a roof title to describe a momentum of opening inside, caused by encountering something/someone and by the impact of that encounter being touched by our own potential, which can not be but fulfilled.

The key to participate is to follow your natural response to the mystery of interconnectedness. My personal understanding of interconnectedness is the experience of perceiving the living world as a complex web of relations without any presuppositions.

How I see it, the following principles increase the potential to be open to be touched;

There is no ownership or authorship.
There are no predetermined boundaries regarding intimacy.
Every individual’s path is valid.
We are free to let go of the past and what we know without regret.
Each crisis of identity is welcomed.
The meaning of objects in space, including the body, is fluid.

Concept by
Jaro Viňarský

Being created with
Tomáš Janypka, Tomáš Morávek, Simona Gottierová, Katarína Ďuricová, Christian Frederickson

With the artistic contribution of
Zdenka Brungot Svíteková, Nela Kornetová, Lea Kukovičič, Marek Menšík, Martin Talaga, Kamil Mihalov, Matthew Rogers, Geoffrey Boissy and Yücel Durdu

Choreographic Quotation
Palissimo / Endangered Pieces (2013)

Created by
Pavel Zuštiak, Jaro Viňarský, Matthew Rogers


Michal Hába’s non-negotiable direction breaks down the seeming topicality of Henrik Ibsen’s drama. Does the late nineteenth-century play still have something to say about the present? The story of the spa doctor, who fights against the „compact majority“, has been considered a working mirror of society for more than a hundred years. Such an interpretation is not enough for the Lachende Bestien theater group. In a wild eco-terrorist ride, he looks at the limits of contemporary liberal democracy and the fascist tendencies contained in it, and enriches the world of Ibsen’s Baths with a commentary on self-destructive capitalist society.

Cast: Johana Schmidtmajerová, Kryštof Bartoš, Jindřich Čížek, Miloslav König, Jiří Šimek

Screenplay and direction: Michal Hába
Assistant directed by: Veronika Švecová
Production: Hana Svobodová
Light design: Tomáš Morávek
Screening: Marek Párek
Set Design: Adriana Černá
Music: Jindřich Čížek


n o m a d is an international dance performance that deals with the phenomenon of current times – being in a “moving society” – transferring seen as a necessity stemming from constant movement.

Creation and interpretation: Tereza Slávkovská (SK), Solène Schnüriger (CH/GR), Tomáš Janypka (SK), Sabina Bočková (CZ), Mira Studer (CH)

Concept and choreography: Alica Minar (SK)

Music: Mira Studer (CH)

Stage design and costumes: Rufina Bazlová (BLR)

Light design: Tomaš Morávek (CZ)

Supervision: Bohumíra Eliášová (CZ)


We’re more than #nature. We’re more than #animals. The #world belongs to us – after all, we created the institute of ownership and many other things to go with it. #Heroism, for instance. We have our dreams, our #shadows and our imaginations. We live the lives we created for ourselves. Perhaps that’s why our ideas about the world fall apart, why nobody is willing to accept this reality, and why we take painkillers. #Absurd. Perhaps we’re slowly arriving at a realisation, and so we laugh and reflect on whatever we think needs reflecting. #Likes and #shares are not enough.

Most of our problems come from a single source. We come from a single source. Sometimes, when we look out of our #bubble, the reality we live in, we witness infinity. I am a #human, a wise individual, a family member, a friend, a hero. I am a leader, a component, an agent, a destroyer, I am everything. Who am I? Where do I come from, who do I belong to? Do I belong to the world? At some point, I will die and become the Earth, an animal, the universe. And then what?

Keep calm and carry on” – a war motto adopted by the internet and turned into a universal piece of advice applicable to any situation. So too this work searches for a universal user’s guide to life. Two performers, alone and yet together, invite the audience to share feelings that are not entirely foreign to them. At times it looks like #chaos, but in the end, it is no more chaotic than our own lives – a tangle of songs, mottos, slogans, and memes. In an alienated world of sharing, in the world of irony, kitsch, joy, and sadness.

Anyway, keep having #fun…

Authors : Ufftenživot / Sára Arnstein, Jiří Šimek
Dramaturgy: Marta Ljubková
Light design: Tomáš Morávek, Štěpán Hejzlar
Scenography: Marie Gourdain
Music: Tomáš Vtípil
Sound design: Jiří Šimek, Sára Arnstein
Poster photography: Marek Bartoš
Production: Marianna Slováková
Trailer: Dominik Žižka, Jiří Šimek


The author’s production ON NIGHT DAY tells the stories of real victims of terrorist attacks on the basis of documentary materials, newspaper articles, authentic testimonies and video recordings. The lives of ordinary heroes who would rather not become them.

Cast: Anna Linhartová, Karolína Vágnerová / Kasha Jandáčková, Jan Meduna, Jiří Roskot, Killiekrankie (Jan Kostera a Jiří Machů)

Directed by: Kasha Jandáčková

Dramaturgy: Natálie Preslová

Stage design: Pavla Kamanová

Light design: Tomáš Morávek

Video design: Dominik Žižka

Music: Killiekrankie

Pohybová spolupráce: Anna Fialová


A corporeal guide through presence, human relationships and other adventures

YOU ARE HERE – Is it possible to experience anything like a pure moment of presence? Or do we always carry our past, our prejudice, our plans and the culmination of our experience? Can we find the way in between the hectic production of meaning and the resignation to understand by perceiving?

The way to experience time of different sort, when we simply watch dance? And do you think you see what I see?

YOU ARE HERE is a surprising derailment „for presence“ that changes one’s perspective and sensitivity to the world around us. The audience, together with the dancers, experiences the joy of creation while embarking on a thrilling adventure in which prejudices about dance (and other things too) are forgotten

was created by – director Petra Tejnorová, dancers and performers Jaro Viňarský, Tereza Ondrová and Nathan Jardin, stage designer Adriana Černá, sound designer Dominik Žižka, light designer Tomáš Morávek, producer Michal Somoš – in collaboration with philosopher Alice Koubová, dancer and choreography & directing assistant Matthew Rogers, graphic designer Jaromír Skácel, dramaturgical eye of Marta Ljubková and with You…

DISORDER – Christmas in Stalkville

The failure is a performative installation with elements of immersive theater. Don’t expect a viewpoint and a stage, don’t expect a classic script that will lead you along a clear storyline. No one will tell you where to look or what to think. Welcome to Stalkville. It’s up to you.

Directed by: Petra Tejnorová

Produced by: DPM
Music and sound Design: Dominik Žižka
Set and costumes: Adriana Černá
Light design: Tomáš Morávek
Video: Dominik Žižka

COLONIZATION – new origin

Who are we? Where are we going? Who will come for us?

A sci-fi simulation experience crossing the event horizon, the edge of gravity and the limits of human perception. Mankind has always longed to discover and explore new places. What drives us? Curiosity, advancement, adventure, enlarging living space, disseminating human DNA or just ordinary human pride? The colonization of new planets is inevitable. But should the universe be colonized by people? A non-traditional production by the VOSTO5 Theatre inspired by Archa, evolution and Czechoslovak sci-fi comic magazine ABC.

Directed by: Jiří Havelka
Theme and script: Jiří Havelka a Petr Prokop
Dramaturgy: Zdeněk Janáček

Produced by: Petr Prokop a Vosto5
Music and sound Design: Martin Tvrdý
Set and costumes: Jan Brejcha, Mikoláš Zika
Light design: Tomáš Morávek
Video: Martin Bražina
Art Cooperation: Gabriela Prochazka, Aneta Železníková
Production: Jeník Bubal, Jeník Tyl


It’s as if I’ve overheard what I’ve seen, and overlooked what stands in front of me and talks to me loudly. Could it have gone so far? How remarkable. But it shouldn’t happen anymore – I could lose my presence and the direction of the original intention – not to get lost! I should be more alert and perceptive with all my senses, so that I finally realize that somebody has already appreciated me with his or her attention.

What really does attract our attention? How much do we have to concentrate in order to perceive a certain object or story? Is it true that our primary attention is above all caught by eccentricity, unexpectedness and originality?

People are forced more and more to broaden their perception. The quantity of impulses that we must simultaneously perceive is increasing all the time. But the more we try to grasp these ever-growing impulses, the less we concentrate. It leads to our feeling overwhelmed, and to the worsening of our recognitive abilities. We concentrate more on brief, shallow experiences, which provides us with immediate and easy responses.

Concept, performer by: Jan Bárta
Lighting and sound design, dramaturgy: Tomáš Morávek
Dramaturgy: Tereza Vohryzková
Thanks to: Markéta Jáchymová, Zuzana Kropáčová, Erikk Mckenzie


Often what one person lacks others have in abundance without giving them any apparent benefit. In fact, it may also serve to point out what the “advantaged” person is lacking. Reduction is walking backwards. From complexity to simplicity. How simple can the complexities which we have within us or that surround us be? We will attempt a small experiment: let’s get rid of those (things, people) around which everything revolves. Let’s get rid of what we can, but not more. How much can lack while still retaining something?

Concept, choreography: Jaro Viňarský
Creation and dance: Tereza Ondrová, Markéta Stránská, Jaroslav Ondruš, Marek Menšík, Jan Bárta
Dramaturgy: Jano Zaťko
Set and Costumes: Adriana Černá
Lightdesign: Tomáš Morávek
Music: Tomáš Procházka
Production: Sára Ondrová
Produced by: VerTeDance, danceWATCH – Karolína Hejnová


The Kiss is an opera in two acts, with music by Bedřich Smetana and text by Eliška Krásnohorská, based on a novel by Karolina Světlá. It received its first performance at the Provisional Theatre in Prague on 7 November 1876.

Libretto: Eliška Krásnohorská

Conductor: Jakub Klecker

Director: Linda Keprtová

Stage design: Eva Jiřikovská

Costume design: Marie Blažková

Light design: Tomáš Morávek


A dance creation inspired by Laszlo Krasznahorkai’s and Max Neumann’s book by the same name

A suite of poem like stories by a figure who seems to be able to augment the dimension of himself in time and in space, which drastically shifts his relationship to the material world, larger than all things, caught in a tautening moment. But then there is this suffering demon’s relationship to men, which adds a psychological layer to the shifting axis of this thing’s capability.
ANIMALINSIDE is a display of the understanding of two humans who share the acceptance of the power in oneself that is even stronger than domestication he must impose on himself as a desire to be among others. It is a belief in this deeper power, a dark magic in the play of sublimation. At its core, it is a faith in the body’s ability to speak a true language.  Body language painting called forth by the apocalyptic battle
with memory thoughts ideas and imaginations
on human kind on power on God on senses on beauty on dreaming
on love wolves and other animal forms inside us
the howling in bodies in the space of cruel time.
Physical images from fine arts and a textual world
of the unspeakable emotional states of mind
languages and bodies pushed over the borders of their own comprehension
the game of arresting the audience’s nervous system.

Concieved, choreographed and directed by JARO VINARSKY (also performing), who is one of the recipients of THE BESSIE AWARD 2013 for OUTSTANDING PERFORMER
 In collaboration with Performer MAREK MENŠÍK

Light design TOMÁŠ MORÁVEK

Original music score JAN BURIAN


Translations from english to slovak DANA GÁLOVÁ

Recorded text and voice HENRIETTA RAB and MATTHEW ROGERS

JOSHA – a portrait

Director/choreographer: Márta Ladjánszki (H)

Danced by Joanna Leśnierowska (PL)

Composer/musician: Zsolt Varga (H)

Lighting designer: Tomáš Morávek (CZ)

Costume: Butterfly, Manier – Anikó Németh (H)

Special thanks to: János Kókai (H), Zsolt Koroknai (H), Edit Kozár (H)


Historical action fiction of the VOSTO5 Theatre company, which combines elements of martial arts and stunt performances with the poetics of the original author’s theater with typical verbal humor.

Screenplay and directing: Jiří Havelka

Production: Petr Prokop a Vosto5

Dramaturgy: Ondřej Cihlář

Screenplay cooperation: Ondřej Cihlář, Zdeněk Janáček, Štefan Titka

Stage design and projections: Hza Bažant, Lukáš Kuchinka, Kateřina Bažantová, Martin Bražina a Jaroslav Karaok Hrdlička

Costumes:  Andrea Králová

Sound and sound design: 6 polnic – Ondřej Dědeček

Light design: Tomáš Morávek

Choreography and movement cooperation: Jan Novák, Pavel Mašek

Cast:  Ondřej Bauer, Ondřej Cihlář, Jiří Havelka, Tomina Jeřábek, Petr Prokop, Tomáš Měcháček/Jiří Böhm, Markéta Frösslová, Pavel Mašek/Jakub Gottwald, Zdeněk Pecha, Petr Vaněk, Ján Sedal/Braňo Mazúch, Andrej Polák, Jan Novák a Daniel Fajmon


A performance, boldly connecting theatre and carpentry. Besides the advice, how to manage your time, featured in this handymen´s staging with amusing reflections on time as a topic, you can take part on an auction, where you can take something, you´ve never brought home before.

Concept, text, starring: Jan Bárta (Cz) a Daan Simons (Nl)

Dramaturgy and directing support: Menno Vroon (Nl)

Light design: Tomáš Morávek 


Photo: Dragan Dragin

The decision is just a beginning. As soon as you make one, you immerse in a powerful stream which carries you to a place you had no idea about at the moment of deciding. 

Koncept, choreography: Kateřina Stupecká

Music: Kryštof Mařatka – Astrofonia

Light design: Tomáš Morávek

Costume: Kateřina Stupecká

Photo: Dragan Dragin

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