Tomáš Morávek
 * (1981)  Prague

… discovered profession of lighting designer thanks to the dance conservatory Duncan Centre in Prague where he worked as a technician. Through cooperation with its students discovered lighting designs step by step. 

From this moment he grew more and more interested in contemporary dance, visual arts and stage lighting design. He is fascinated by possibility of a creation of specific atmospheres or building the whole interior on scene just by lighting. 

Gained experiences not just from Prague theatres, but also from French tours with The Forman brother’s theatre, from realisation of projects with Amsterdam University of Arts students in Netherlands, from cooperation with director Veselka Kuncheva and Petar Todorov in Bulgaria, from festival L1 in Hungary, from Slovak cultural center Stanica Žilina – Záriečie where he also met his long term collaborator Jaro Viňarský … 

In the past he collaborated on educational projects with Institute of Lighting Design Prague (CZ) and Anténa – Network for Independent Culture (SK) and led a number of creative workshops in various European countries.

What still inspires him is the possibility to work on projects of various nature as site-specific pieces, dance improvisations, lighting installations, consultations for cultural centres or technical coordination of theatre festivals. He has been cooperating with Prague based theatre Vosto5 and choreographer, pedagogue and friend Jaro Viňarský for a long time.

Currently based in Prague, working on different projects and collaborations.

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